You might be tempted to pick gravel if you are searching for the correct paving material for your new driveway installation. Of course, gravel is a more affordable option compared to a lot of other pavement options. Also, a couple of individuals actually like the more rustic look of gravel.  

However, before you hire Coppell pavers to install a gravel driveway, there are a couple of things you should know about gravel that might change your mind about it. 

Today, we’re going to share with you some reasons why you should not pick gravel for driveway pavement. 

Gravel Accumulates Water 

If you’ve got a gravel surface, keep in mind that water will not runoff. Rainwater and/or irrigation water will sink under the material if you’ve got a gravel driveway. This will produce holes and soften the dirt below where water accumulates. After there are holes and water accumulates there, it is almost impossible to get rid of it.  

Keep in mind that this is where you park your car. It will have higher possibilities for rust and corrosion to form if it sits in pools of water for longer periods.  

Gravel Means Holes 

It is common for gravel surfaces to have indentations. It will be a lot easier for holes and rust to form on the surface since you drive over these indentations a lot of times every day. The truth is that holes in gravel driveways can occur even before you know it. Also, if you drive on uneven and rough surfaces, you will wreak havoc in your car, even if it is for a short distance only. This wear and tear could compromise your car’s suspension and that can add up to damaged struts and shocks.  

Gravel Takes Flight 

Keep in mind that gravel is made up of small rocks and pebbles. For those who don’t know, if you drive down a gravel road, these small rocks and pebbles take flight as your car tires churn up the surface. Of course, since your driveway is made of gravel material, this exact thing can also happen on your driveway if you are not careful. This could lead to damage to the undercarriage, paint scrapes and scratches, cracked mirrors and windshields, and much more. This form of damage might appear small. However, fixing paint and replacing glass costs a lot of money. In addition to that, fixing your undercarriage will certainly be much more expensive.  

Without a doubt, gravel can be a great element for your landscaping. It may even be great for short walkway lengths. However, if you’ve got to drive and/or park any type of car on a surface, the ideal option you could make is pavement. Also, you might be amazed to learn how cheap some pavement materials are.  

Because of this, it is always best to hire a professional paving company when it comes to installing your driveway since they can help you choose the right material for your budget and needs. They can also help you understand all of the benefits of various paving materials.