Nothing lasts forever. One great example of this is your faucet. Over time, your faucet will shoot out water unintentionally, spring leaks, and drip constantly. That is why you will have to replace them at some point. However, should you choose an affordable faucet or go with a fancy yet high-quality option? 

If you’re planning a Keller bathroom remodel and want to install new faucets, here are some things to consider: 

The Finish of the Faucet 

A lot of cheap faucets are just made from plastic with a metallic coating. Thus, the finish looks great at first. However, it immediately wears away. One way to determine a low-quality faucet is that it is extremely lightweight because of the plastic components. On the other hand, luxury faucets are extremely heavy.  

Low-quality faucets will show watermarks, fade, and pit extremely fast. Also, you only have a limited number of finish options. On the other hand, luxurious faucets are available in a much bigger variety of finishes.  

Design of the Faucet 

Low-quality faucet is rarely made by professionals, handcrafted by specialists, or manufactured with accuracy. They are rather mass-produced for the market with a goal of affordability instead of design. They are frequently replaced because they’re extremely cheap. Of course, if you purchase low-quality products, that is an accepted fact.  

One thing you’ve got to wary of is that a lot of these affordable faucets are made to mimic more luxurious ones. However, the durability and quality are lacking. 

The Function of the Tapware 

You clearly want a faucet that turns your water off and on. However, there’s much more to this. Nowadays, pull-down sprayers are gaining more and more popularity since they’re able to extend the reach of the tap. This makes rinsing or filling pots a lot simpler. The issue with cheap pull-down sprayers is that they do not have an automatic retraction or magnetic docking station. Thus, they do not smoothly retract back into place if you’re done.  

These are a couple of the additional features of premium faucets since they’ve got automatic retraction and magnetic docking stations. This makes these pull-down sprayers easy to use and smooth. Oftentimes, other features seen in high-quality tap wares include touchless operation, adjustable spray patterns, and a 360-degree swivel. 

Getting What You Pay For 

Without a doubt, luxurious faucets have a distinct edge on the cheap options. This is especially true when it comes to interior parts. Cheap faucets are made of light plastic components that deteriorate and break over time. Because of this. They’ve got to be replaced a lot of times when compared to luxury faucets.  

Meanwhile, luxury faucets that are on the expensive spectrum are made of metal parts. These parts are individually manufactured instead of bulk. The reason why luxury faucets are expensive is because of the long-lasting materials and attention to detail. In addition to that, the craftsmanship that a luxury faucet gets offers you a high-quality product that lasts a lot longer than a cheap alternative for faucets.