Things to Know About Walk-in Tubs

One of the most utilized rooms in your home is the bathroom. It’s a place where people spend a lot of time freshening up, relaxing, bathing, and showering. As thankful as we are for the practicality and usefulness of our bathroom areas, it is vital to be cautious whenever we are utilizing the bathroom. It can be an extremely risky place since soapy surfaces and slippery floors are the cause of severe injuries.  

Bathing independently or using the bathtub is dangerous for a lot of people who are physically impaired, handicapped, suffering from physical injuries, or aging. Limited mobility means having a hard time climbing out and in bathtubs.  

If someone in your home isn’t able to bathe on their own, it is worth it to think about installing a walk-in tub. Today, we’re going to share with you a couple of things you should know about walk-in bathtubs before you start your McKinney bathroom remodel project. 

Are They Cheap? 

Walk-in tubs have been around the market for a long time. This means that installations nowadays have drastically improved in beauty, design, and function. Also, this means that the prices for these tubs are cheaper today than they were before. Homeowners can enjoy easily a walk-in tub conversion without breaking the bank. There are a lot of different factors that affect the price of walk-in tubs. This includes brands and features you choose for your house. Also, it will vary on the company you pick to install it.  

In general, the cost of a walk-in tub runs around $2000 to $5,000. However, for more expensive options, it can run around $20,000.  

Hydrotherapy Advantages of Walk-in Tubs 

Seniors and people living with physical conditions sometimes suffer from arthritis, tired muscles, and other illnesses. It isn’t difficult to see why a hot and long soak in a bathtub can be an ideal way to relieve muscle tension and stress. However, for people that cannot climb out and in a tub, this type of relief is not simple. Because of this, walk-in tubs are such an excellent option for a lot of individuals with restricted mobility.  

Style Options for Walk-in Tubs 

When it comes to designing the style of a new walk-in tub, homeowners have a lot of options. To begin, the real layout can be picked from different models. In addition to that, other features such as seat options, control choices, and color of the materials can also be personalized.  

Common Safety and Accessibility Features 

A walk-in tub is not the same as an ordinary tub in a lot of ways. First, regular tubs have high walls that you’ve got to climb over when getting out or in. This can be extremely risky for people with physical conditions.  

Since walk-in tubs can be tailored, you can basically design the tub based on your own safety requirements and needs. Extra-wide entry doors, slip-resistant surfaces, easy-to-reach controls according to particular heights, strategically placed grab bars and handrails, unique configurations for wheelchair transfers are some of the most common features of a walk-in bathtub.  

Is Fall the Ideal Time to Remodel?

Your thoughts stroll to every bounty that fall could bring when there’s a crispness to the air and leaves start to change colors. You immediately start pulling out your sweaters from your closet, look forward to Thanksgiving, and think of baking pies. Another idea will be to plan a bathroom remodel during this season. 

Today, we are going to share with you some reasons why you should perform your Bedford bathroom remodel this fall.  


One excellent advantage of remodeling during this season is to have a new look for your home when your relatives visit during the holidays. Also, you can utilize the backdrop of the newly remodeled area for your holiday cards that you will send. That is why it is best to think about remodeling your home this fall. 

Winterize House 

Because construction will be performed anyway, it is an excellent time to put some consideration into winterizing your house. You could spend time making sure your HVAC is properly maintained, your gutters are clear and clean, your windows are sealed properly, and other things that can be worked on while remodeling construction is happening inside your home. As a way to work around the workers in your home as well, you can work on your garage or yard.  


Typically, kids will be returning to school during the fall. This can enable an uninterrupted workday for the professionals. If required, your pets can also spend their time in pet daycare as well. This is particularly true if you’ve got an energetic dog. This will make things easier if the bathroom or kitchen is being remodeled and will be off-limits for particular times during the day. If the kids come home while work is still being completed, snacks can be arranged to be available away from high traffic areas.  


For those who don’t know, you will have a better environment for the paint to dry since fall brings cooler temperatures. Cooler weather enables the windows to be opened for a long time. This can produce better airflow to enable the paint to dry quicker. In addition to that, contractors can work for longer periods during the day due to the cooler weather. The workday can become shorter for safety and health reasons when the heat is severe.  


During the fall season, there is less of a demand for supplies. Because of this, you will have a lot of options to choose from for the colors and the materials. During the more common times of remodeling, you might find that it’s difficult to look for every supply that you require for achieving the look that you desire. The fall isn’t as common as a time for remodeling. This can also result in the ability for better flexibility in scheduling for your contractors.  

So, are you planning to do some renovation projects for your home? If that’s the case, you should do it during the fall season. Also, don’t forget to hire a professional remodeling contractor to help you achieve the best remodeling project.  

Should You Install Fancy Faucets?

Nothing lasts forever. One great example of this is your faucet. Over time, your faucet will shoot out water unintentionally, spring leaks, and drip constantly. That is why you will have to replace them at some point. However, should you choose an affordable faucet or go with a fancy yet high-quality option? 

If you’re planning a Keller bathroom remodel and want to install new faucets, here are some things to consider: 

The Finish of the Faucet 

A lot of cheap faucets are just made from plastic with a metallic coating. Thus, the finish looks great at first. However, it immediately wears away. One way to determine a low-quality faucet is that it is extremely lightweight because of the plastic components. On the other hand, luxury faucets are extremely heavy.  

Low-quality faucets will show watermarks, fade, and pit extremely fast. Also, you only have a limited number of finish options. On the other hand, luxurious faucets are available in a much bigger variety of finishes.  

Design of the Faucet 

Low-quality faucet is rarely made by professionals, handcrafted by specialists, or manufactured with accuracy. They are rather mass-produced for the market with a goal of affordability instead of design. They are frequently replaced because they’re extremely cheap. Of course, if you purchase low-quality products, that is an accepted fact.  

One thing you’ve got to wary of is that a lot of these affordable faucets are made to mimic more luxurious ones. However, the durability and quality are lacking. 

The Function of the Tapware 

You clearly want a faucet that turns your water off and on. However, there’s much more to this. Nowadays, pull-down sprayers are gaining more and more popularity since they’re able to extend the reach of the tap. This makes rinsing or filling pots a lot simpler. The issue with cheap pull-down sprayers is that they do not have an automatic retraction or magnetic docking station. Thus, they do not smoothly retract back into place if you’re done.  

These are a couple of the additional features of premium faucets since they’ve got automatic retraction and magnetic docking stations. This makes these pull-down sprayers easy to use and smooth. Oftentimes, other features seen in high-quality tap wares include touchless operation, adjustable spray patterns, and a 360-degree swivel. 

Getting What You Pay For 

Without a doubt, luxurious faucets have a distinct edge on the cheap options. This is especially true when it comes to interior parts. Cheap faucets are made of light plastic components that deteriorate and break over time. Because of this. They’ve got to be replaced a lot of times when compared to luxury faucets.  

Meanwhile, luxury faucets that are on the expensive spectrum are made of metal parts. These parts are individually manufactured instead of bulk. The reason why luxury faucets are expensive is because of the long-lasting materials and attention to detail. In addition to that, the craftsmanship that a luxury faucet gets offers you a high-quality product that lasts a lot longer than a cheap alternative for faucets.  

Types of Paving Cracks That Should Be Fixed Right Away

For a lot of individuals, unappealing cracks in pavement appear to be nothing more than an aesthetic problem. However, they could be a more severe issue that needs the attention of a professional paving contractor.  

Cracks could damage cars that drive over them regularly. In addition to that, they can result in more severe structural issues in the future or indicate problems that need fast correction. 

Particular types of cracks are certainly problematic. These can quickly spread and need fast attention. To thoroughly and properly assess any structural problem, you need the help of professional Keller pavers.  

Here are a couple of cracks that should be repaired immediately: 

Block Cracking Shows Poor or Aged Asphalt Binder 

The interconnected cracks that separate up the pavement into rectangular pieces are called block cracking. Usually, this type of crack runs around 100 to 200 square feet. Block cracking shows that the asphalt binder combined into the surface isn’t contracting and expanding anymore as it should. This can be caused by the quality of the binder, low amount used, or age. 

If you notice block cracking early on, it can be remedied using a crack seal and the surface could keep on functioning for a lot of years. However, the cracks will keep on growing in size if the problem is left ignored. This eventually needs the complete removal of the cracked pavement and its replacement with an overlay.  

Alligator Cracks Show a Bigger Issue 

Oftentimes, alligator cracks resemble the skin of an alligator. Typically, it spread throughout the surface of the pavement. These cracks are mainly signs of weak areas on the base layer or surface. Also, they could show poor drainage. This type of crack is crucial to inspect because they’re symptomatic of major issues that are not visible to the naked eye.  

You can only provide a temporary repair solution if you just fill in the cracks using a patching product. If you really want to completely get rid of the affected area, professional help is required. They can also examine the base to evaluate if further work is required since it might be issues with the drainage as well. The removed part will be replaced with new asphalt.  

Ice Cracks Can Quickly Spread 

The volume of water expands by around 10% if it freezes. Even an apparently harmless amount of water can thaw and freeze repeatedly in rapidly changing temperatures. This immediately expands minor cracks into bigger fissures. Aside from making your asphalt surface appear bad, it can also present a severe threat to the safety of cars and pedestrians.  

A professional paving contractor can ensure he/she will utilize flexible rubberize asphalt to seal ice cracks. This can guarantee that the cracks stay sealed when the asphalt is moved. Also, it guarantees that the natural contraction and expansion of the surface will not damage the rubberized mixture.  

If you notice these cracks, you need to hire a professional paving company right away to avoid further issues. Else, you’ll end up completely replacing your pavement.  

Why You Shouldn’t Choose Gravel for Driveway Pavement

You might be tempted to pick gravel if you are searching for the correct paving material for your new driveway installation. Of course, gravel is a more affordable option compared to a lot of other pavement options. Also, a couple of individuals actually like the more rustic look of gravel.  

However, before you hire Coppell pavers to install a gravel driveway, there are a couple of things you should know about gravel that might change your mind about it. 

Today, we’re going to share with you some reasons why you should not pick gravel for driveway pavement. 

Gravel Accumulates Water 

If you’ve got a gravel surface, keep in mind that water will not runoff. Rainwater and/or irrigation water will sink under the material if you’ve got a gravel driveway. This will produce holes and soften the dirt below where water accumulates. After there are holes and water accumulates there, it is almost impossible to get rid of it.  

Keep in mind that this is where you park your car. It will have higher possibilities for rust and corrosion to form if it sits in pools of water for longer periods.  

Gravel Means Holes 

It is common for gravel surfaces to have indentations. It will be a lot easier for holes and rust to form on the surface since you drive over these indentations a lot of times every day. The truth is that holes in gravel driveways can occur even before you know it. Also, if you drive on uneven and rough surfaces, you will wreak havoc in your car, even if it is for a short distance only. This wear and tear could compromise your car’s suspension and that can add up to damaged struts and shocks.  

Gravel Takes Flight 

Keep in mind that gravel is made up of small rocks and pebbles. For those who don’t know, if you drive down a gravel road, these small rocks and pebbles take flight as your car tires churn up the surface. Of course, since your driveway is made of gravel material, this exact thing can also happen on your driveway if you are not careful. This could lead to damage to the undercarriage, paint scrapes and scratches, cracked mirrors and windshields, and much more. This form of damage might appear small. However, fixing paint and replacing glass costs a lot of money. In addition to that, fixing your undercarriage will certainly be much more expensive.  

Without a doubt, gravel can be a great element for your landscaping. It may even be great for short walkway lengths. However, if you’ve got to drive and/or park any type of car on a surface, the ideal option you could make is pavement. Also, you might be amazed to learn how cheap some pavement materials are.  

Because of this, it is always best to hire a professional paving company when it comes to installing your driveway since they can help you choose the right material for your budget and needs. They can also help you understand all of the benefits of various paving materials.